The Healing of One is the Healing of All

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate your process of healing and transformation on your way to fulfillment. We believe that your fulfillment can create a positive impact on our collective soul so your transformation is the transformation of all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an expansive World transformational wave of soul and mind healing for all so we can experience our collective dream to live from Divine Love.

About Maya

MAYADARI DEL SOL is a Therapist in Family and Systemic Constellations, Founder of the Systemic Healing Institute, a certification program to train therapists who want to serve life facilitating this method, in two languages, English and Spanish, author of a book called “Alchemy for the Soul”, reader of Akashic Records, Coach of two programs for the transformation of limiting beliefs and unconscious memories through transformative experiences called “The Soul’s Journey” and “The Hero's Journey”. For her, the work of the soul and mind together for inner reconciliation and transformation of the being is relevant.

After going through a turning point in her life that impacted not only her physical body but also her soul at a very deep level, she embarked on a journey of healing. To do this, Maya understood that to heal deeply, it was necessary to heal the mind, the unconscious memories of her childhood, and the unresolved memories of her ancestors, which hold the roots of most of the limitations that we, the descendants, unconsciously repeat. Today, Maya is dedicated to facilitating Family Constellations therapy, individually and for groups, in person and online. Plus, she is also dedicated to training people who want to help serve life and others through Family Constellations. For more information on her training program, visit or visit for other services

Currently, these healing processes through the Family Constellation have taken on a larger purpose, serving life. That is why Maya created the Foundation for Ancestral Healing with the mission of providing a possibility of transformation and transcendence for vulnerable populations like people deprived of liberty, victims of abuse, people with addiction issues, homeless or disabled who would feel the call to go deeper and solve the unconscious repetitive patterns of their past and their family system with the aim of creating a new perspective that brings peace within and a conscious change that can direct the person towards a more harmonious destiny in his or her life.

The Hero Within

“The journey begins before we can imagine. We begin to experience it when the Divine becomes the matter through the miracle of life that creates a cell that multiplies that becomes you. Then, each sensation, feeling, thought and perception molds you. Thus, through those perceptions, we chose to serve the system. We first attract what we need to feel, the unconscious suffering of our collective soul. So eventually, and if we get to recognize this, we can heal individually to help heal the collective as we integrate our transformation into consciousness. Each hero comes with a mission to heal a system polluted of beliefs, memories, perspectives and ancestral roots that are in disharmony with our true origin. This is why turning points are blessings that give us the chance to fulfill our highest mission. Success goes beyond the material. It happens when we reach consciousness” – Mayadari del Sol

We become Alchemists

when we decide to navigate our inner journey of transformation to make “gold” out of our unconscious limitations.


“My life has been transformed through these experiences of Hero’s Journey and Family Constellations. It was painful to confront some things but at the same time the best opportunity to heal the deepest pain of my soul. Maya, I feel very grateful for the loving way in which you see and facilitate people’s problems and emotions, it is a gift to heal in that way. Thank you for sharing your sacred gifts with those of us who need them”.

Aisha D Vidal

“Maya your inspiration, wisdom, dedication, and passion have echoed in my life. Thank you for being that spark that ignites us to meet great challenges, to transcend fears, to discover the true potential that resides in each one that is numb. Thank you for being that awakening call to consciousness that connects us to our own Self. Thank you for jumping that deep void that separates fears from accomplishments and for being a Warrior. Thank you for finding the tribe and putting it back together. My admiration and recognition today and always”.

Aisha D Vidal

“Words are not enough to express my gratitude for Maya. She has helped me healed and has held a loving space that has allowed me to get out of my shell. When I met her, I was sunk in a severe depression. Her compassionate, soothing and open energy made me feel safe to work my healing with her. Then, I joined the Acts of Empowerment, a wonderful tool that takes you through the experience of achieving your visions and dreams.


“My journey began in 2017, and I can say that it has been a wonderful transformation. We all have goals and dreams, but we also have blockages that do not allow us to achieve them. Through these experiences, we confront and release what limits us. Since the first act of empowerment “Your vision is already happening”, I have managed to recognize and empower myself, I have healed my self-esteem and I feel more secure”.